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Corporate Culture


Enterprise Faith: Unison and sincerity bring growth and success 
Enterprise spirit:Self-determination, love your work, be enterprising, cooperating and dedicating 
Enterprise Style:Honest, Responsible, Fast and Effective  
Strategy Target: Deny the best but non-stop pursuing the better  
Management Policy: Enterprise expansion, diversification, and grouping
Management Tactic: Self-improvement,self-discipline,self-propelled,refinement,thriftiness
Marketing Concept: Adapt to the flickering market, secure to meet the demands of consumers
Creative Acknowledge: There's no market without creativity 
Quality Ideology: If you know how to get quality, you know how to employ personnel
Employment Principle: Ability and virtuous are the basis of the employment
Teamwork: Love your work, emphasize technology, obey the law, respect cooperation   
Maxim of Administration: Emphasize personnel quality, and rule the company by law